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City of Smithville
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EyesOn Smithville-Community Watch Program

     The community of Smithville has a wonderful history of working well with the Police Department to better identify areas of concern, ways to better serve our community, and finding new and different approaches to addressing crime in our neighborhoods. Many residents are installing security systems with video, doorbells with video camera capabilities and other methods of better protecting their property. When a crime occurs, residents or business owners may not be aware that their systems have recorded the incident. EyesOn Smithville is a new Voluntary Community Watch Program in Smithville, Missouri designed to house a voluntary list with the locations of video systems throughout the community.

Here's how it works:

A crime occurs at 123 Main Street overnight. An officer enters the address into the EyesOn Smithville database. It returns with locations in that area that have video surveillance that may have recorded the incident. Officers contact camera owners in the area, to ask them to check their system to see if it does in fact have video evidence that could be used in the investigation.

Things to Remember:

At no time will this database be shared outside of the Smithville Police Department. We are not asking for access to your surveillance systems. If there is something that could be pertinent to the investigation, we will provide you with a DVD or USB drive for you to copy the appropriate footage onto yourself. You will only be contacted in the event that an incident occurs near your residence or place of business. Registration with this system is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.

If you would like to join this program, please fill out the form here.  If you have any questions, please contact the Smithville Police Department at 816-532-0500.