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Sump Pump Inspection Program

Discharging stormwater, groundwater, surface water, roof runoff etc. into the Sanitary Sewer System is prohibited by State and Federal regulations. Since 1969 sump pump connections to the sanitary sewer have been prohibited.

The sanitary sewer system is designed to treat household waste.  It has come to our attention that many home sump pumps appear to be connected to the sanitary sewer system.  During times that we have rain or groundwater runoff there is an influx of water into the sewer system.  This creates a burden to the system as well as additional cost to treat water that does not need to be treated.  In response, the City of Smithville recently updated regulations regarding the enforcement of discharging stormwater from residential sump pumps. 

The updated ordinance, passed January 8, 2013, creates an inspection process that will identify if homes are in compliance with the ordinance.  Each home in Smithville will require an inspection from City staff.  The inspections will require staff being allowed into each home to verify compliance and should take only a short amount of time.  Please contact City Hall to schedule an inspection or complete an inspection request form.  If a homeowner does not wish to have the inspection performed by City Staff, they may also choose to hire a plumber with an active City Occupation License to perform the inspection.  The plumber MUST contact City Hall prior to the inspection to verify what minimum requirements must be inspected, and how to certify the inspection. 

The City has allowed 12 months for homeowners to complete the free inspections or hire their own plumber to complete the inspection before any additional charges are assessed.  Homeowners that do not comply with the ordinance will be charged a monthly fee that will help to offset the cost of the treating the additional water.

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