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Check Property Zoning

The City of Smithville is happy to announce a time-saving feature for anyone interested in checking the specific zoning for any parcel located in the City of Smithville.  In coordination with the Clay County Assessor's GIS Mapping Department, the City of Smithville now offers the web-based service to verify parcel zoning through the GIS website.

Go to the Assessor's website by selecting the link at the bottom of this page.  You can then select the parcel in which you're interested by either the parcel search function, or by using the Interactive GIS map.  If you use the Parcel Search function, once you've identified the correct parcel, select the "Location of this parcel" link at the bottom of the page to transfer to the GIS Map. Once you've identified the parcel on the GIS map by either the parcel search function, or using the GIS map itself, toggle the blue I (identify) button on the toolbar and click on your parcel.  City of Smithville's official zoning classification will appear in the information tab that appears.  Simply scroll down to the zoning information to see the existing zoning for the particular parcel.

This added feature was initially prepared using the zoning map approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission on March 7, 2013.  Any changes to a parcel's zoning after that date will be reflected on the GIS Map within thirty days of final approval by the Board of Aldermen.  To check for any recent rezoning requests, you can check the Agendas and Minutes of the Planning and Zoning Commission to see if the parcel is subject to a rezoning request, or was recently rezoned.  Otherwise, the zoning indicated on the GIS website is up to date.

Once you've identified the Zoning, you may review the district classifications and definitions in the City Zoning Code.

Check Zoning